Types of Flowers- Alstromeria

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The Alstroemerias are perennials, so they live for a long time. This flower is native to South America and there are over 120 species of it that are out there. This beautiful flowering plant really stands out and it looks great. The Alstroemeria is a flower that is better known by a few other names. If you are looking for a beautiful flower that really stands out, this is one that you want to check out for sure. Most people today know this as the Lily of the Incas or the Peruvian Lily.

The plant itself has a lot of vegetation to it, this is a plant that has a very slender rootstock and a lot of ways that it is able to store water. You will find that these roots are suspended below the earth and swell up so that water can be stored. The flower itself is a showy flower, there are 6 different petals and they look similar to a lily. The leaves on the flower actually resupinate and they twist from the base upper so that there is the semblance of two different leaves.

There are many uses for these beautiful flowers. You will find that there are bouquets and arrangements that it can be used and the vase life of this flower is about two weeks. This means that this flower will last for a long period of time in a vase and it is going to look great. You want to be sure that you are checking this flower out, it has a variety of great uses that you can take advantage of and you can get so that you are getting a beautiful flower.

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